The Kid Bunch Play Studio

The Kid Bunch team is a tight-knit group of parents, artists, musicians and designers dedicated to creating innovative adventures, digital toys, and interactive stories for the entire family. We believe play is the strongest learning force for children and adults alike. Whether it's diving into a fully immersed, 3D fairytale, or flying through the stars in a spaceship on a grand journey into history, or maybe unleashing the creative imagination with a paintbrush - we're constantly using play to facilitate learning, loving, and laughing.

The Bean Bag Kids

Join our fun-loving family of Bean Bag Kids as they set off to explore the beautiful world and beyond! Our Bean Bag Kids apps feature animated shorts, narrated stories, games, and lessons packed into one experience for kids and parents alike. We believe we're on the cusp of another golden age in children's storytelling, and we're dedicated to leading the pack in creating fantastic worlds for the imagination to explore. The beauty of our stories goes beyond the end credits of our Bean Bag Kids apps; you'll soon see the exciting worlds of Pinocchio, Little Red Riding Hood, and the Apollo 11 Mission continue in your children's eyes long after they've put the app away.

Media and IR contacts

For Media enquiries:

James Fleming, Director of Marketing and Communications, Global.


For Investor Relations enquiries:

Daniel Escudero, CEO & Co-Founder of Kid Bunch Spa.